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PS4 Custom Controller Upgrade Service

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What is the upgrade service?

This service enables you to customize a controller purchased from our store. For instance, if you bought a smart model but want to add back button, we've got you covered! 

Possible upgrades

・Remapping function ・Smart action button (○✕△□ & cross key smart)
・Click trigger & bumper
・Vibration removal

Back Button
The back button is designed to enhance not only operability but also aesthetics, a preference shared by many gamers. Additionally, it offers a remapping function, empowering players to configure settings to their linking, further enhancing operability. 
Click trigger (L2R2)/bumper (L1R1)
The click trigger and bumper offer a tactile click sensation upon activation. We've reduced the bumper's push width from 1.2mm to 0.5mm, and the trigger's push width from 7mm to 2mm. This reduction in push width enables quicker firing in fast-paced games like FPS, resulting in an enhanced. win rate!
Smart Action Button
*If you make it smart, the pressing feeling of the cross key & ◯✕△▢ buttons will become like a mouse (click).
Warranty period

Standard warranty:

3-month Custom Parts Warranty.

・Stick drift is not applicable.

・Only upgraded custom parts are covered by warranty.

・Customers are responsible for the for round-trip shipping fee

*Please note that there is a 7-day guarantee (free return shipping) in case of initial defects only. All warranties become void if the controller is damaged due to being dropped, thrown, submerged in water, or disassembled.





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