PS5 / PC カスタムコントローラー Dualsense ホワイト
PS5 / PC カスタムコントローラー Dualsense ミッドナイト ブラック
PS5 / PC カスタムコントローラー Dualsense コズミック レッド
PS5 / PC カスタムコントローラー Dualsense ギャラクティック パープル
PS5 / PC カスタムコントローラー Dualsense スターライト ブルー
PS5 / PC カスタムコントローラー Dualsense ノヴァピンク
PS5 / PC カスタムコントローラー Dualsense カムフラージュグレー
PS5 / PC カスタムコントローラー Dualsense
PS5 / PC カスタムコントローラー Dualsense
PS5 / PC カスタムコントローラー Dualsense

MERKA.G PS5 / PC compatible controller button type

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controller color
・Midnight black
・Cosmic Red
・Galactic Purple

・Starlight Blue Nova Pink Gray Camouflage
back button
The buttons are ergonomically placed so that they fit perfectly where you hold your hand. Compared to the paddle type, you will get used to it quickly and without any discomfort.
Click trigger (L2R2)/bumper (L1R1)

What is Click Trigger & Bumper?

This is a technology that makes the bumper (L1R1 button) and trigger (L2R2 button) feel like a mouse click. In addition, the push width of the bumper and trigger has been reduced, allowing you to fire faster in games that require speed, such as FPS.

The push width of the bumper will be increased from 1.2mm to 0.5mm, and the push width of the trigger will be increased from 7mm to 1.5mm. Uses switches made by Japan's OMRON, which boasts a durability of 5 million times. It is also used by SCUF and other domestic brands, and has a proven track record of reliability. There is a small play when pressing, the click is light, and the stroke when pressed is short, allowing the input to be reflected instantly after operation.

Warranty period
Custom parts have a 3-month free warranty period. *For the first month, the customer will only be responsible for the shipping costs, and we will cover the shipping costs from our company.

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